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Just A Short Run Shuttle Bus info
Due to the size of this event, we use shuttle buses to transport runners and walkers from outlying parking areas.
IF everyone follows a few simple steps this process works very well in moving 1,500-2,000 participants and spectators around the park without too much disruption to other park patrons.  FYI, if you ran the Spring Thaw then know this event is usually 1-1/2 times the size so following these rules will definitely help keep JASR running smooth.

  • ARRIVE EARLY! ARRIVE EARLY!FYI, this means about 1 to 1-1/2 hours ahead, as it takes a long time to move close to 1800 runners + spectators.  We will be using the Boathouse parking lot for registration  in 2017.
  • CARPOOL! CARPOOL! CARPOOL! - Even using the outlying larger lots, we still request that participants carpool to help minimize traffic congestion and delays for the buses.
  • Parking along Pierce Mill, especially in front of the Boathouse and Rose Barn is not allowed as it interferes with the safety of and delays the shuttle buses. PLEASE obey any posted no parking signs.
  • Have a spouse or friend drop you off and save parking spaces.   
Shuttles will start at 6:30 am at the Pool parking lot, Spillway lot and at the Ice Rink and will run continuously until just before race time at 8:20 am. They will begin running back to these lots beginning at 9:00 am and the last run back to these lots will be at 1:30 pm which is 1 hour after the course closes. Please plan your day accordingly.

  • Shuttle Bus pickup points will have designated signs to show where to line up and we will have parking volunteers to help keep the lots nice and tight and maximize space.
  • We will have 3-4 shuttles which will will rotate around to the following lots:
  • Parking area #1: Pool lot- 400 spots - USE THIS LOT FIRST
  • Parking area #2: Ice Rink- 180 spots - With parking behind the ice rink off Kummer road and parking on Pierce Mill this is the 2nd largest lot near the boathouse. Last shuttle pick up about 8:10 am. On Pearce Mill Rd.
  • Parking area #3: Spillway Lot - 150 spots - Located on Babcock at Pearce Mill this lot is only 0.6 miles from the start so you could walk or catch the shuttle.
  • Parking area #4: Rose Barn: 120 spots- No Shuttle but a big lot that you should be aware if you arrive early! This will fill quickly and is not your best option, so park before you get here.
We highly stress the need to, arrive early, Carpool, and use the shuttle buses to arrive at the Boathouse or simply park at one of the outlying lots and walk in to the Boathouse. The walk will loosen your legs from the drive and prepare your muscles to perform their best.

No parking will be allowed in the Over The Bar Lot across from the Boathouse. This is reserved for patrons of the restaurant. We want to be good neighbors.
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