Change Policy

Although we hope changes are minimal, we understand changes sometimes are necessary due to life events or training issues. Therefore, we have adopted the following rules:

  • All changes will incur a $5 change fee, plus any difference in race fee
  • Changes may be done online automatically by the athlete themselves anytime prior to 3/24/17 at 7:00 pm.  
      • Visit  click on the "Athlete Login" link at the top right.
      • Sign in with the email & password which you used when you registered.
      • Choose the 2018 Just A Short Run event and it will show the "Change Race" button (see screen shot below).  
      • Follow the directions on the screen. 
  • All changes must be completed by 7:00 pm on Wednesday March 29,2018
  • If you are changing down in distance there is no additional fee over the $5.
  • If you are changing up in distance, you pay the difference, if any at the current rate, plus the $5 change fee
  • NO changes will be accepted on Race day
  • Unlike our Spring Thaw event, you may not change during the race. So if you think you will not complete the chosen distance, or want to move up, change now or be DQ'd on race day.
  • All transfers must be done in person during packet pickup.
  • There is a $10 fee to transfer a bib to another athlete
  • Person giving up bib must send an email to new person authorizing the transfer.  
  • The email must be printed out and brought to packet pickup 
  • We will manually withdraw the original athlete and manually add the new athlete.
Any questions, please call 412-490-0881 and ask to speak to Andrew.
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